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3D Printing Pen

A new product is scheduled to hit the market this fall that will change the concept of doodling forever.  3D Doodler is basically a 3D printer in a handheld pen that allows you to lift your doodles right off the page.

It uses spaghetti-like strands of ABS or PLA plastic, which are loaded into the pen similar to a glue gun. The plastic “ink” is heated to about 270 degrees Centigrade and extruded through the tip. It then quickly cools and hardens into a strong, stable structure, allowing you to build virtually any shape either on a surface or in mid-air. It’s the easiest and least expensive 3D “printer” available.

The pen measures about 7 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter, weighs approximately 7 ounces, and will be able to run off of 110v or 240v power. The expected list price, including a starter supply of plastic, is around $75.

The product was recently launched on Kickstarter where it quickly exceeded the developer’s fundraising goal of $30,000 (they’re currently over $2 million).

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