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iOS Hearing Aid

Hearing aid manufacturers are now using iPhone platforms to bring new functionality and added control to their products, while enhancing the sound quality and audibility of mobile devices. And thanks to a new wireless protocol developed by Apple last year, the latest designs don’t require users to wear an additional dongle around their neck like current Bluetooth enabled in-ear hearing aids.

When used as hearing aids, smartphone apps allow users to recalibrate audio settings without a visit to the audiologist. They can be fine-tuned for different acoustic environments, and different locations can even be geo-tagged to automatically switch to preferred settings for home, office, coffee shop, etc. The mobile phone can also be used as a directional microphone to better isolate desired sounds in noisy surroundings.

At a time when it takes an average of ten years for a person to go from needing a hearing aid to actually using one, anything that reduces the stigma will be beneficial. The truth is…these new devices may appeal to people with good hearing as well, since the tiny aids can also function with a variety of iOS devices as wireless stereo headphones for streaming music, movies and podcasts or to enhance video calling.

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